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Monday, August 14, 2006

Hezbollah Owes It To the Lebanese People To Disarm Now

Hezbollah owes it to the Lebanese to start on the path of disarming its arsenal. Contrary to other beliefs that Hezbollah’s leader voiced regarding a ‘settlement of accounts’ with those that didn’t support them during the war, the entire Lebanese population has supported them and bore the brunt of destruction and deaths, just so that Hezbollah could continue to prove its military capabilities.

Had the Lebanese people and political factions revolted against Hezbollah earlier in this conflict, Hezbollah would have been weaker, Israel might have stopped their attacks earlier, and a lot less damage might have been inflicted on the country.

Now, the fighting is hopefully finished, and we could declare Hezbollah victorious. They won the war, but it’s Lebanon who must now win the peace. If Hezbollah is truly a Lebanese party, they should follow the wishes of the Lebanese people and its government whose majority did not want to be dragged into this war.

What is the worst thing that could happen if Hezbollah gave-up its arms, and became a civilian party that worked relentlessly at re-building South Lebanon? I can’t think of anything worse than what has already happened in the past 32 days. But I could think of several good things that will happen if Hezbollah finally disarms:

- the international community will applaud the move
- the entire Lebanese population will open their arms to the Lebanese Shiites
- more international aid and investments will flow towards Lebanon, especially to South Lebanon
- negotiations will start with Israel on the Shebaa Farms
- prisoners on both sides will be released
- Lebanon and the Lebanese will become more respected worldwide
- Arabs will continue to believe in Lebanon and contribute to its economic growth
- tourism and services will flourish again in Lebanon
- Iran and Syria will automatically be weakened
- Israel will accelerate a peaceful resolution with the Palestinians

One could give Hezbollah credit for their fighting bravery. But let’s not forget that the entire Lebanese population has also sacrificed a lot during the past 32 days so that Hezbollah could flex their muscles to the fullest.

Just like champions and sports heroes decide to retire at the height of their careers following a victory, this is a perfect time for Hezbollah to lay down their arms, while they are at the height of their popularity. Let them stop dreaming of that next fight because its outcome will be disastrous for all.

The only reason to keep Hezbollah’s arms is if one believes that these arms are a deterrent factor to imminent threats from Israel. But as Beirut Spring put it so succinctly, “a prosperous, multicultural Lebanon is a stronger foe than a militant Lebanon”. If one believes in eternal militancy, then it’s ok to keep these arms, but if one thinks that we could live in peace with our neighbors and grow the economy instead, then why keep these arms? The rewards of peace are much greater than the price of war.

Now is the time for Hezbollah to turn the page and begin its metamorphosis into a more commonly acceptable phase of its existence. If they could apply the strengths they have in discipline, organization, planning and strategic thinking towards civilian and economic goals solely, then- Lebanon will be a better country. If they dig their heels and don’t seem to care for the lessons of the July war of 2006, may God only help Lebanon.


Blogger JoseyWales said...

Welcome back TM.

Hezbollah does not owe the Lebanese citizen anything. The Lebanese government owes the nation the disarming of HA now.

I agree with the gist of what you say, though avoiding accountabilty is a bad idea. It was bad after the civil war, it is bad now.

Thanking and glorifying HA now is nutty and keeps us going in the wrong direction.

If there is no criticism followed by heavy popular and political pressure to disarm HA, how is it going to happen?

How is a strong non-HA shia voice to rise if all others are kow-towing (hypocritically) to Hezbo?

4:59 AM  
Anonymous ghassan said...

Nothing will ever justify lawlessness. It was not the job of HA to protect us from Israel and it will never be a job to be farmed out to private groups.The military wing of HA was not to be tolerated before the war and it is not to be tolerated after the war. The Lebanese government must disarm HA simply because no sovereign state can allow such organizations in its midst. No more appeasement. If the government fails to live up to its duties then we must change the government.

5:49 AM  
Anonymous tuck said...

********** NOTICE ***********

Lebanon ceased to exist on Saturday, 14 August, 2006. It is now to be referred to as the Iranian Duchy of "POG" (Party of God). Too bad, it use to be a pleasant place, unfortunately its civilians/citizens did not feel it was needed to fight for a "place".

Following the historic pattern of its previous master France, it surrendered to HA without firing a shot.


6:34 AM  
Anonymous ghassan karam said...

The fact of the matter is that Lebanon has been the Iranian Duchy of POG for a few years but the old name of The Republic of Lebanon was maintainedonly to fool the naieve. As of August 14, 2006 there is a good chance that the pretence game will stop and the old name dropped.
That really hurts, not because of an attahment to real estate but because in this case it is a step backwardto rationality, openess and democracy. The barbarians seem to have won because we did not put up a fight. (maybe we were too much influened by the French:-))

7:42 AM  
Blogger Charles Malik said...


Welcome back!

I can think of far worse things than the last 32 days. This was a managed conflict. Lebanon never disintegrated into chaos. It could have, and it might if Hezbollah doesn't disarm.

If 14 March leaders bend over backwards to appease Hezbollah, that's exactly what will happen. Israel will bomb, no holds barred.

8:19 AM  
Blogger Lebanese Pride said...

"the entire Lebanese population has supported them..." I do NOT think so. No one that I know supports hezbollah or supported hezbollah even during the "war". they are useless pro syrian/iranian proxy militia who destroyed lebanon (along with israel obviously). I blame hezbollah as much as israel. the keep saying they were "defending" our country, LOL...

the ONLY armed faction should be the lebanese military personnel and not that proxy hezbollah. NOW the reckoning will begin and MANY people will ask was this worth it, hezbollah destroyed the entire country, tourist season, etc... for the interests of iran and syria, that's the real question and MANY will have lots of questions to ask those rats hezbollah. i blame the dumb syrian jackasses, iranian rats, israel, and hezbollah for destroying the country! ALL are to blame.


9:12 AM  
Blogger mikealpha said...

Sorry, it isnt enough not to not support Hezb'allah. They are the most powerful military force by far and that means that soon they will be the police and judiciary too. Once that happens then they dispense with assasinating their opponents and just jail them. No Lebanese wanted Israel to stop Hezb'allah, and they didn't. I doubt you can get anyone else to do it for you and you wont do it yourselves. Welcome to Hezb'allahstan.

9:30 AM  
Blogger ThinkingMan said...

As much as it hurts to read Tuck's comment, it is true, but only if nothing happens on disarming hezbollah in the next few days. let's wait and see. i can assure you that the lebanese people will not standstill if the Hezbollah promises end-up being a farce.

9:34 AM  
Blogger Solomon2 said...

Certainly nothing is happening with disarming Hezbollah today. They just thumbed their nose at the cabinet, then encouraged the displaced populace to return to their homes (or what's left of them) and thus shield their reninforcement of southern Lebanon. Soon Hezbollah will have civilian cover once more, plus the power and opportunity to craft more mischief. Qana III, anyone?

10:59 AM  
Blogger ArabLady said...

hala2 hezballah kan mwa2ef hall lebanon!!!

shame on u

go blame the previous corrupted lebanese goverments!!! at least respect dam el shohada yali 3am yo7mo ardak....it seems to be that u r embracing the views of the brainwashed Arabs who r influenced by the country they worship

wut about Isreali investments in south lebanon...yalla kolo business!!!

12:28 PM  
Blogger ArabLady said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:38 PM  
Blogger ArabLady said...

2 Lebanese Pride

"the ONLY armed faction should be the lebanese military personnel and not that proxy hezbollah"

where was ur lebanese army when ur country was attacked......until when we r going to follow wut the west want us 2 do!!

The 2 Israeli soldiers kidnapped were an excuse to show the Israel’s hatred toward Arab…and now u blame Hezballah !!!

Yup the Americans freed South Lebanon a few yrs ago….yeah very true!!! Tying our economies with foreign investments is the easiest way we can get controlled…..

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nasrallah wil not disarm and wants to impose Sharia law across Lebanon. Good time to shop for Burkas, grow beards and brush up on the Quran.


2:34 PM  
Blogger dany said...

I should have stuck with the promise I made myself not to listen to Nasrallah’s televised address yesterday. I might have been less infuriated today by so much bad faith and cynicism. What makes me even angrier is that so many will be led on and cheated into believing that he is for real.

1) While we thank Nasrallah for his congratulations on our victory, we think it is fair that we question the very concept of victory. How is it measured ? Did we conquer any territory or did our enemy capture land from us ? Did we inflict more damage on the enemy than he did on us ? Did we kill more enemies than them ? Strange victory indeed. It is not even a victory for HA who now has to withdraw from south of the Litani and probably disarm shortly afterwards (unless they go back on their agreement, which they are trying to do, and re-start a war with even more “victories”)
2) Should we also thank Nasrallah for his generous offer to help in the reconstruction ? So, this makes it all OK, then ? How will he repay the dead ? How will he replace the children ? Who will verify that his televised offers will be put into practice and how ? Which Shiite family from the South will dare complain, and not thank the munificent Nasrallah, when HA offers them 10,000 USD as compensation for their house which is worth 5 times more ? Where is Nasrallah going to find 15000 vacant apartments to rent for one year (then what?) and which owner will agree to enter into a “fair” lease contract with an armed milicia ?
3) It is interesting how Nasrallah’s offer came wrapped in “I am better than your legal government”.
4) Nasrallah’s fake compassion does not go as far as making real sacrifices to save the innocents. Sacrifices like surrendering the weapons that give Hezbollah (and Iran) their influence in Lebanon. Nasrallah even has the arrogance of throwing in our face the “sacrifices” offered by Hizbollah fighters , when we did not ask them for any of this in the first place.
5) How can HA (and their stupid proxy Lahoud) gloat about having only a few fighters between the hundreds of people who died ? Are civilians supposed to protect the military, or the opposite ?
6) Far from considering that the proposed investigation of the Israeli war performance as a victory, the Lebanese should be envious. We have so longed for having some kind of accountability that it hurts to see how much better the “enemy” is doing in this regards. Shouldn’t Nasrallah be held accountable for AT LEAST his “miscalculation” (assuming- and I don’t believe it for a minute- that he had the best intentions: freeing some prisoners and claiming back Chebaa, but that the Israeli reaction caught him by surprise) ? We are not even mentioning the possibility of being tried for treason because he put Iran’s objectives before the Lebanese national interest ?
7) How can Nasrallah talk about Isreali losses, destructions and economical cost as a catastrophe for them, while minimizing the unfathomable Lebanese losses as trivial, unavoidable “war cost” that can be easily restored ?
8) How can the leader of a party represented in the government issue half-hidden threats to ministers in that same government? How can he get away with “advising” us what to say, and “recommending” what it is not acceptable to say. Then again, what does someone who declares war “whether the Lebanese want it or not”, know about democracy and free speech ? We can so easily do without him administering lessons on the Lebanese people, who would have a thing or two to teach him.
9) Why is it so difficult for Nasrallah to understand that HA weapons have ceased to be an internal Lebanese matter, ever since UNSCR 1595 was issued, and especially since these weapons have hit the first target outside Lebanon?
10) How can he not understand the emptiness of his argument when he says that he has to keep his weapons because no one can guarantee that Israel will not occupy Lebanon again ? Should the Lebanese Forces militias be allowed to re-arm and station along the Syrian border because nobody can guarantee that the Syrians will not invade Lebanon again ? Should the Alsacians form an armed militia to ensure that Germany will not invade France again ? It doesn’t work that way in any country, and it shouldn’t work that way in our country. The borders are secured by the national army and international treaties. An armed militia is in fact an invitation for anything from border clashes to full-scale invasion.
11) Why is Nasrallah surprised that Lebanese are asking for full disarmament of HA ? “Even the Israelis and Americans are not asking for this at this stage !” he says. Well they are not, and we are. As a matter of fact, we have been asking for this before this war, before UNSCR 1701, before UNSCR 1995, even before Taef. Can Nasrallah read our lips? “NO WEAPONS EXCEPT WITH THE LEBANESE ARMY” this has been the cry of the Lebanese people for the past 30 years !
12) When bigheartedly thanking all those who have helped the victims of this war, how could Nasrallah have omitted the Red Cross, probably the most active on the ground ? Knowing how well his speeches are prepared, this could not have been a simple memory lapse from Sayyed Hassan.
13) Why have the past two weeks seen a change in denomination from “Lebanese Resistance” or “National Resistance” or even plain “Resistance” to “Islamic Resistance” in all AlManar bulletins and Nasrallah speeches ? Is this to more widely encompass audiences (at the expense of a few Christians who still support a Lebanese armed resistance)? Are these the latest instructions from Tehran ? Could point 11 above be related in any way to this ?

Nasrallah’s recent stance (refusing to surrender weapon) might have unfortunately been encouraged by Israel who has been sending wrong signals: agreeing to the cease-fire without the usual pushing and pulling, withdrawing some of the soldiers in Lebanon as soon as the ceasefire came into effect, and talking about an exchange of prisoners when Hizbullah thought that it was out of the question. This attitude misleads HA into adopting a harder position (which might be precisely where the Isrealis want him).

It is essential at this point that UNSCR 1701 be applied in all its points, in order to avoid either a harsher resolution, or having Israel take matters into its own hands again. Make no mistake: the world will not come to our rescue this time and Olmert, if replaced, will only give way to someone more “hardline”.

4:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How dare you say this rubbish. Who fought for you when the enemy destroyed our country turning it into a landmark of rubble? HezbAllah did! Who's innocent blood did the enemy spill? Our blood! For HezbAllah's sake? No!

This war was going to happen if HezbAllah kidnapped 2 enemy terrorist soldiers or not. Its precedence is written about by israeli journalists even, and israel does not deny that this war was going to happen regardless of anything hezbAllah did. The war was planned for october, but israel found the kidnapping as an excuse to shift the date to july.

If HezbAllah fighters didn't defend us with their own blood, then this ceasefire would never have happened; the israeli army got scared off by the soldiers of the resistance. Thus they are defeated, by whom? By HezbAllah?

What is the matter with you, they love Lebanon, and are already rebuilding brick by brick and mortar by mortar. If you believe disarming HezbAllah will protect the sovereignty of Lebanon, think again and very carefully.

HezbAllah are the only force that is able to defeat the israeli army, and is formidable, with the Help of God. If you think to disarm HezbAllah, there will be no Lebanon, it will become the new Iraq, and the israeli presence will loom and forever dominate our beloved country.

As long as hezbAllah is protecting us, and as long as the enemy is too scared to face them, Lebanon will be a free and democratic nation. Israel is defeated, they cannot fathom how with all of their missiles emptied into Lebanon, and specifically into the bodies of inncoent civillians, and with their barrage of weaponry, they would never and never did succeed in dismantling HezbAllah.

Now they are playing the dirtiest war ever, by using the weapons they know how to use best. Creating lies, division, hatred, and above all, a civil war in that which would result in brainwashing HezbAllah's own people to turn against the resistance group.

Don't let the enemy win. the liberty of Lebanon, the sacred blood of all whom were killed, the martyrs that fought and won the war, would be all in vain, if the enemy were to penetrate our minds and hearts and make us turn against HezbAllah.

Put Lebanon first, unite from all factions of race, religion, and political beliefs, under a common objective; Lebanon First. There are more Lebanese living outside of Lebanon than in it, they know the tools of the enemy, that's why you see them waving flag's of HezbAllah and chanting NasrAllah.

They have lived outside of Lebanon, within the west, within the so called "liberated' society, and "free-thinking", and they made an informed decision, they know the truth. And the truth is more resounding than the lies of the enemy Israel and America.

How will Lebanon's economy benefit from decreased tourism if there is a civil war, after the war that has already been bestowed upon us by the enemy israel and america? How can we rebuild our houses and our cities if we are too busy spilling the blood of our neighbour?

If we listen to the enemy, we will fail, and Lebanon will fall, just as Iraq did. This is what the enemy wants. Let us learn from history, and not repeat the same mistakes, by letting the enemy be poison in our ears, and unlawful money bribing our pockets.

Let us listen to our heart beat, in memory of those who's hearts stopped beating when the enemy struck their souls. Let us listen to our blood boiling with pride of being Lebanese, in memory of those who's blood was spilled by the enemy israel and america. Listen now, close your eyes, and your soul will tell you the truth. Listen to the truth, before its too late, and the vicious cycle of war never ends.

9:55 AM  
Blogger IMBch said...

Well guess what? It seems to me that the time has come for all the Lebanese who truly believe that their country is worth something to stand up and FIGHT for their country. Take it back in your hands. Tell me, how come Seniora has not yet been on TV to take matters in the hands of his Government. Why is he leaving it to Nasrallah to go on TV and act as if he were the defacto Prime Minister? Come one guys - Wake up

10:01 AM  
Blogger ThinkingMan said...

Anon- Hezb succeeded in pushing their war agenda. They want the Lebanese to believe that they are protecting them from the "ennemy".
But the reality is that there is no enemy. Israel would make peace in a hearbeat with the right approach. How come they have peace with Egypt and Jordan?
YOU have to wake-up: there is an enemy only if you behave like there is one.
Hezbollah's agenda is to keep placing Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt in the minds of stupid Lebanese people that believe in their military and ideological objectives.
Why don't we focus on the economy, prosperity, advancement, science, technology, construction, sports, culture, etc. instead of militancy, resistance, militancy, resistance, militancy, resistance, militancy, resistance?

12:43 PM  
Blogger LebExile said...

I agree with Dany 100% on all his comments...
Anonymous: Just one question..

You said:
How dare you say this rubbish. Who fought for you when the enemy destroyed our country turning it into a landmark of rubble? HezbAllah did! Who's innocent blood did the enemy spill? Our blood! For HezbAllah's sake? No!

OK, so Israel planned this war from a while ago, and it was inevitable - but tell me - what was the objective of this war from the Israeli perspective - to get rid of Lebanon or to get rid of hiZIBallah?

If you can answer - then you will have the answer to your question above!

5:14 AM  

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