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Saturday, July 23, 2005

3 Types of Bombings: 3 Sources of Crime?

With the latest Monot blast, it is clear that there are 3 types of classifications for the latest terror events in Lebanon:

1) Big bang, no collateral damage spared. These are the huge blasts (over 100 kgs) that are designed to kill someone in a motorcade and around a large radius. Targets: Hariri, Hamade, Murr.
2) Precision car seat bomb. These are remotely detonated at line of sight. They wait until the occupant is in the car and detonate the bomb that was placed under the seat. Targets: Kassir, Hawi.
3) Random blasts, random damage. Designed to scare and damage infrastructure more than to kill people. These are the blasts we saw in Kaslik, Broumana, Jounieh, Jdeide, Monot. Targets: terrorize Christian neighborhoods.

Could it be that there are 3 distinct groups perpetrating these acts, or is it the same group using different means to justify each purpose?

One of the common denominator to these targets is that they all represent Lebanese SYMBOLS. Lebanon’s enemies are after our symbols:

Hariri: Symbol of power, money, fame, international respect, new Lebanon.
Hamade: Symbol of early anti-Syrian resistance.
Murr: Pro-Syrian symbol, but was probably was on the verge of deserting them.
Kassir: Symbol of intellectual freedom, and early anti-Syrian.
Hawi: Symbol of surviving political diversity, and early anti-Syrian.
Christian neighborhoods: Symbols of Western influences and traditional Lebanese history.

These attacks are designed to destroy Lebanon at its core by getting rid of its important symbols. To counter these attacks (which will probably continue), the Lebanese must become more united at the core.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoever they are (and we know who they are ) will never achieve what they wish to destroy.Lebanon will never be buried and we will always rise above all.
A cornered snake always lashes right and left before it is smashed to splinters.

1:31 PM  
Anonymous mic said...

i think you meant: Murr - prosyrian...

7:15 PM  
Blogger moka said...

Hamade = early anti-syrian?
You mean late, very late, anti-syrian?
let's not forget he and his people were sleeping with the Syrians, in what i ironically describe a honeymoon.
So please, stop trying to label people like hamade, joumblat and even late hariri as early anti-syrians. They have taken advantage of the occupation at the most.

But hey, those bombs must stop!! we should do something about them. Maybe stop labeling people of pro or anti syrian, work hand in hand and finally have the guts to stand up against the assad regime, and reclaim our rights.

2:45 AM  
Blogger ThinkingMan said...

Hi Moka- Welcome to the blogosphere. (please email on my contact email)-

Hamade: i meant early relative to the last 9 months. of course, they were all co-habitating with the syrians and led us to believe that it was "ok" for 15 years- and they governed despite of that.
Agree with you on the point that the Lebanese must get more united, otherwise are are weaker and any country can take advantage of us by exploiting our divergent agendas.

7:52 AM  

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