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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Same Old Fishy Stuff from Syria

I find it utterly strange that two days after the Syrian announcement that they had severed their military co-operation with the U.S., suddenly 1,200 mercenaries are arrested by Syria heading to Iraq.

And over a month ago, at the height of another poignant moment in the U.S.-Syrian relationships, surprise: Saddam’s wanted relative appears in Syria and is handed over to the U.S. army.

Are these real coincidences or planned masquerades? Who are they trying to impress? Or, who are they are trying to fool? This has a sense of déjà vu all over again: it has Syria written all over it.

Musing: On the same day Hezbollah announces they have 12,000 rockets, Syria arrested 1,200 insurgents. What’s with the number “12”? Next, someone is going to release 120 prisoners?


Blogger Mustapha said...

You forgot to mention the 12,000 hezbollah voters in Baabda alley who are going to shoot their "paper missiles" into their other ennemy: Aoun

7:28 AM  
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