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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Lebanese Citizens Abroad Have a Right to Vote Too!

This is an appeal to all Lebanese abroad to sign the online Petition asking for their rights to vote from abroad. There is a last minute "push" right now to make this possible. Sign the Petition here.

A bill amendment suggesting a simple process of co-ordination between the Lebanese Embassies abroad and local official electoral lists holders has been proposed. Bill Proposal.

Tomorrow, May 11th is an international solidarity day for this cause. Lebanese citizens will demonstrate in front of the Foreign Ministry in Beirut at noon. The www.lebanese-abroad.com International Committee has sent an email to 14,000 Lebanese citizens who have already signed the petition. This email urges them to contact their respective Embassies to pass the message. See text of Open Letter at: http://openlebanon.org/modules/mypage/lebabroad-pr1.php

In addition, there are on-going discussions with local politicians and there is still hope for this to become a reality in 2005, because the Lebanese Parliament has agreed to meet this Thursday, one more time. See Berri agrees to hold legislative session, warns of time wasting

Furthermore, The Daily Star has a story today explaining that this process is really as simple as "putting a box in each diplomatic mission".
Bill proposed to grant vote to expatriates

More than ever, this goal is within reach, but we are at a critical juncture. It is not too late to lobby until we are allowed to fully exercise our fundamental voting rights.

Take action by signing the petitition, demonstrating tomorrow in Beirut, or faxing/emailing the Open Letter to your closest Lebanese Embassy.


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