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Friday, April 29, 2005

Why Lebanese Politics Are Like a Game of Poker

What do Lebanese politics and a game of Poker have in common?


Lots of bluff, poker faces, unexpected moves, everyone holds their cards tight to the chest until the last moment, regular shuffling of the deck, frequent swearing, the winner takes it all, win-lose always, etc… Does this sound familiar if you have been following the last few Parliamentary sessions on the Elections Law?

What happened to the Opposition? How did they get duped? Were they dealt bad cards? Did other players stab them in the back? Why suddenly a return to the 2000 law as a fall-back for not having reached agreement in two days? Where is the real work of the Parliamentary commission that was set-up? What kind of impartial government is that? Why do we keep falling back on bad compromises? Why do we have to face the “fait accomplit” politics? What happened to transparency? Why is it always about “making deals” with each other instead of serving the country?

So many questions landing on so many deaf ears!

No sooner did we get rid of the Syrians that now we are facing the second Lebanese vice which is now in #1 position: the dirty game of Lebanese politics.

These politicians keep pulling rabits out of their hats and pulling the rug from underneath each others. That’s what they do best.

Here’s the real source of the problem: We can’t expect to get change from those that the intended change will hurt. This means that the Elections may not bring a clean slate of politicians overnight, but it may only make a dent into the existing composition of the Parliament. The Daily Star article Adoption of 2000 electoral law will return familiar faces summarizes this situation pretty well.

After getting rid of the Syrians, the Lebanese should focus on getting rid of most of the existing politicians. Seriously!


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