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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Once a Puppet, Always a Puppet

From Naharnet, "Hoss, who is widely tipped to head a government of national unity, is scheduled to travel to Damascus Sunday or Monday to meet President Assad."
I don't have a problem with Lebanese politicians visiting Damascus, but why do so before being appointed? Does Chirac consult with Blair before forming his government or Bush with Martin, etc.? Isn't it obvious that this is a flagrant evidence of going to Syria to seek approval from Assad and get lectured on what they can or cannot do? Don't they know that the ENTIRE world is looking at Lebanese politics now with a microscope? On top of that, it was reported that Lahoud was dragging his heels on forming a new government until after Assad's speech. This entire set of events shows that Lahoud et al still don't get it. Why can't he form a government on his own by consulting with the Lebanese only, and without taking any cues from Syria? In a court of law, the evidence would be so much against him. If he was accused of being a puppet, he and Hoss would be guilty as charged!
If you're still talking to Syria,
You've got the puppet bacteria!


Blogger ZouNazar said...

just give lebanese people some time and you will see that the syrians leaders will come to lebanon for lebanese consultancies

wait and see ,this is the history and our glory among thousand of years


9:44 PM  

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