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Thursday, March 17, 2005

No One Wants to Harm Lebanon, Really

I am only using some logic here. Here it goes:
Despite warnings from the power-at-be, it has been a pleasant surprise that none of the demonstrations (from either side) resulted in any violence, and thank God, no one has been killed, and no one detonated anything.
Let's assume we can believe the government's theory that Hariri's killers were rogue elements that came from Beirut's suburbs (just for a minute, only), don't you think that those same terrorists could have infiltrated any one of the demonstrations and God-forbid done something awful, if they really wanted to destabilize the country further?
So, the fact that nothing happened leads me to deduct that the only party that Mr. Future Ex-President was warning us about was really nobody. So, no one really wants to harm Lebanon (because they could have easily done it during the demonstrations)...nobody of course, except those that have already done the dammage. I hear they are leaving now even faster than they previously announced.
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