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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Mr. Nasrallah: Your Revolution Does Not Pass Mustard

I am really confused now about the Hizbullah messages from Mr. Nasrallah's speech on March 8, 2005. So, the United States and France is the enemy? And Israel,- with whom the Palestinians are currently sitting with, face-to-face, to discuss peace- well, they will always be the enemy. Saudi Arabia and Egypt who also aren’t playing along with Syria and are too close to the U.S., are also the enemy. And at least 2 million other Lebanese people (perhaps more, but I am being conservative) are also enemies because they don’t believe that Syria is really Lebanon’s friend and wants our well-being. So, by deduction, after alienating the West (represented by the U.S. and France), most Arab countries (lead by Egypt and Saudi Arabia), and a lot of Lebanese, who is left as our friends: Syria and Iran?

Mr. Nasrallah, I am sorry to say that your logic doesn’t make sense, and will not pass mustard this time, neither with the Lebanese people (even those that you have dragged to the streets today), nor with the international community (because we live in a world of 200 other nations, not just 2 "brotherly" nations that don’t give a damn about the rest of the world). Syria is only one country, one neighbor. Look at the relations between Canada and the United States. They are each other’s largest trading partners (and we could be the same, with Syria, one day), but they respect each other decisions and deal with differences and conflicts via diplomacy and negotiations, not intimidation and interference.

Militarily, the game is over. So, please stop injecting fear, uncertainty and doubt into the hearts of the Lebanese people. Israel could crush Syria and Hizbullah in a minute. If you still believe that it is Hizbullah’s force that drove Israel out of Lebanon, then- I know that you don’t already believe in Santa Claus, but it would be the equivalent of believing in Santa Claus. Lebanon is not Iran or North Korea who are playing the nuclear weapons game, so Don’t You make Lebanon your playground, either! We are not North Korea, nor Iran, and we are tired of getting “lumped” with Syria’s geo-political rhetoric every time.

In your speech, you said to the demonstrators "Today, you decide the future of your nation and your country. Today, you answer the world. Are these hundreds of thousands for nothing?" Well, I have news for you. While numbers generally speak, they usually do in democratic elections, not in a match of who’s got the biggest demonstration. So, lets’ hope that we will all meet again for deciding the future of Lebanon, collectively, in the course of normal elections, under a fair electoral district law, and not just on the streets.

You asked the demonstrators several deductive questions. Allow me to ask a few, myself.

Why does Hizbullah want to take Lebanon back to the dark ages?

Why should we believe that a national consensus government will hastily implement Taief now, since they were not eager to do it before?

And why are you still repeating the same lies? You said about Israel and the United States: “Forget about your dreams about Lebanon. There is no place for you in Lebanon.” Don’t you know that, as a first step to discussing peace with Israel, the Palestinians received a pledge for $1 billion dollars in economic aid from Western nations, and that’s only the beginning. So why would Israel and the U.S. want Lebanon as the enemy while they are making peace with the Palestinians?

Mr. Nasrallah, you must be having really bad dreams, because you are seeing imaginary enemies for Lebanon, while ignoring the enemy within, i.e. Syria.

And here’s the biggest lie that was heard during the demonstrations. “America is the source of terrorism.” I was laughing my head off, but this is a serious matter- accusing the United States of terrorism. Could you please show some respect or show some evidence? Or are you referring to Iraq's mess? Well, the United States is failing at keeping the peace in Iraq, so they made a big mistake in their calculations, but their intentions were good, and the end-result is something you are afraid of. I have good news for you- the United States are not going to invade Syria, in order not to create a similar mess to Iraq’s. But I am puzzled that you are already forgetting that less than 2 months ago, several of your Shiite brothers have been duly elected there, and hold a majority, thanks to the United States.

Today, we live in an age of universal transparency where information and actions are instantly transmitted, analyzed and criticized. The voices of reason, hope and positive attitudes end-up triumphing over the voices of fear, uncertainty and doubt (which are your trademarks). This free world and the majority of Lebanese people that are allowed to think on their own, are overwhelmingly hopeful about a better future. Today, we live in an interdependent world, and that is the reality of things.

Often, the worst thing that happens to good people is when they are lead by bad leaders. Even worse, is when they start to believe in them. I feel sorry for the Lebanese Shiites who are being misled by some of their leaders, while they are being robbed of a better future.

Mr. Nasrallah, this isn’t Iran in 1976. Although your revolution is being televised, unfortunately this time, it will not pass mustard.


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