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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Insulted Syrians should lash back at their own government

In a recent Daily Star article entitled Insulted Syrians boycott 'everything Lebanese’, the article claims that many Syrians feel embittered and insecure in country where they always had an advantage”. Therefore, many have decided to curtail their business or personal visits to Lebanon and even withdraw their money from Lebanese banks.

But there is another side that Syrians should know about. They should realize that the messages emanating from the opposition demonstrations had nothing anti-Syrian people. They were really anti-Syrian government. Average Syrian people should lash out instead at their own government and get busy with their own revolution at home, assuming that they learned something from the Lebanese people, besides how free loving we are.

The overwhelming majority of Lebanese people have nothing against Syrians, only against their government, because as the article points out later, “Syria's tight hold kept Lebanese from voicing resentment toward Syria's presence until recently, meaning Syrians heard little of it directly; and Syria's state-run media painted the presence only as a benefit to Lebanon. “

Syrians should open-up their eyes and realize that they have an opportunity to make history, also. Their escapades in Lebanon probably gave them a taste of what freedom and (even an un-perfect) democracy can bring. Let them have it. A strong, vibrant, democratic and free Syria is good for Lebanon too. Just as we are getting rid of our government, we hope that one day, you will do the same to yours.