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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Hizbullah's Last Hurray

So, Assad is trying to drive a wedge between the Lebanese people, and Hizbullah is trying to nail it for him? Good luck to both, because they will not succeed. They are doing it so they can prove that their military might is still needed. Note that they are the ones instigating violence against the population (shooting incident in Ashrafieh by Baath party on Saturday and wounding of an 18-year old today at Martyr Square by same).

Lahoud and his group are going to Damascus for a so-called meeting to decide on the timetable for withdrawal, but we all know that they will get lectured by Assad Jr. If I was advising the opposition, I would “lay low” for the next couple of days, just to see how much the Syrians and pro-Syrian Lebanese government will want to grab, and then I would catch them with their hands in the cookie jar. This is different than before, because now, the whole world is watching. They want a fight,- but let’s not give it to them.

The planned Tuesday demonstrations by Hizbullah may be their last Hurray; they are totally uninspiring and mostly irritating, wanting to take the country to the past. Contrast the opposition’s approach, which is full of aspirations about a better future that is not dominated by a political or military agenda.


Blogger Doha said...

I totally agree with you on the difference between the two camps. What irritated me most was when Sayyid Nasrallah said that he advised the Opposition to join their forces because they represent the "sha3ib." And if they brand the Opposition as collaborators with foreign parties, then what do you call Iran?....So it's better to just look ahead to the future and stop branding one another of past actions that many Lebanese youths on the streets were never part of anyways.

7:24 AM  
Blogger Raja said...

The contrast between the two protests could not be more pointed. I agree whole heartedly with your assessment, and thank you for articulating into words what I could not myself!

Q: What is the difference between the protests conducted by the opposition and other "protests" conducted in the Middle East?

One centers around aspirations and hope for the future... the other focuses on self-pity, anger, hate, victimization, shifting of blame, etc, etc...

10:11 AM  
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