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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Hizbullah Not a Problem?

I take offense to the Daily Star’s editorial Hizbullah is not a problem- it is part of Lebanon’s solution. Their analysis is flawed and short-sighted. The editorial states “If sovereignty means anything at all, then it means independence from the United States and Israel as much as it means independence from Syria. Sovereignty means sovereignty - it cannot be interpreted one way for one party and another way for another party. This is why, Nasrallah maintains, Hizbullah cannot support UN Resolution 1559. Nasrallah has a point, and Lebanese of all persuasions would be advised to listen more closely and afford the Hizbullah leader the respect he is due.”

Comparing Syria’s interference in Lebanon (with all of its apparatus) to occasional comments made by Israel or the United States about Lebanon is a mockery and an insult to the intelligence of most Lebanese or non-Lebanese people. The Daily Star is misleading its readers. Syria’s role in Lebanon is deep, very deep. The only thing that the U.S. is providing is hope and a vision about freedom, liberty and real democracy,- and these are the values of all developed nations. Here are Syria’s values: dictatorship, human rights abuse, oppression of freedom. Sorry, but I don’t want these values in my country!


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