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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Assad's Empty Words

There are a number of statements in that speech that I didn't like, and I would like to rebut them.

1) From Le Monde, Assad said: "The Syrian withdrawal does not mean the absence of a role in Lebanon for Syria. Syria's power and its role in Lebanon do not depend on the presence of Syrian soldiers in Lebanon."
Duh? Of course, we know that, you dummy! Didn't President Bush say "...and the withdrawal of Syrian intelligence personnel as well? Wait until opposition politicians, the U.S. and France jump all over that one tomorrow. But, hey...I'll give you a hint: in the future, the Lebanese will determine their own side of these relations that you'd like to hang on to, so dearly. This isn't going to be a "one-way street" anymore!

2) From the NY Times: Mr. Assad lashed out against Lebanon's opposition movement, accusing it of "marketing its politics" during the recent demonstrations that called for Syria's withdrawal. "If TV cameras were to zoom out" from their vantage on Martyrs' Square in Beirut, he said, they would show that "no one else was there."
So, you are a really arrogant liar, Mr. President. How dare you attack the Lebanese like that and feed the rest of the world such lies? This revolution is far greater that you will ever imagine. Lebanese from all walks of life and religion have demonstrated and will continue to do so, from their own will, in the same spirit that they exhibited when they rallied behind Hariri's funeral. And by the way, who are those 3,000 Syrians that were outside your fake parliament? Who told them to go there? The Syrian secret police? You are still so jalous of us, it's so obvious...so you want to show that Syrians can demonstrate their popular beliefs like in Lebanon? Ha! Who are you fooling? OK, you can fool a few die-hard Arabs that believe everything they see on Al-Jazeera, but that's about it.

3) From l'Orient-le-Jour, "...the Lebanese have taken advantage of us by defending their national interests..." Excuse me? So, now the Syrians are the victims? And since when is defending one's own interests such a bad thing?

4) From l'Orient-le-Jour, "...1559 has nothing to do with the extension of Lahoud's mandate. Actually, nobody is talking about this extension anymore, except some parties that are vexed about it and have sent a late note about it to the U.S. But this matter is already past. Let them find something else." Again, who is he kidding? This guy has a chip on his shoulder, or what? He sounds like a kid complaining to his mother. I am willing to bet that Lahoud will not finish his illegal 3-year extension. God willing, there will be free and fair elections, and the new Parliament will vote him out and elect a new President that represents all of the Lebanese.


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